Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fold/Manifold-The Story


It was the year of our lord, 20XX, when the humans had finally launched WWIII. Petty squabbling degenerated to outright violence as the humans fired attacks on each other eventually deploying nuclear weapons as a last resort. The ensuing nuclear holocaust eradicated nearly all lifeforms on Earth…
except cockroaches…
Left to their own devices, cockroaches quickly inherited the Earth and grew rapidly. Within centuries cockroaches had evolved into two-legged creatures with two arms as well but still retained their antennas. Cockroachians were very civilized and spoke mostly in Newspeak in order to conserve the energy for talking. By 30XX, Cockroachian science had evolved to the point of creating never before seen technology such as quantum computers, ray blasters, portal guns, and even the Gravitational Manifold Anomaly Device or GMAD for short.
Eventually extraterrestrials grew jealous of the Cockroachian empire and decided to move in and capture Earth. In order to combat future alien invasion, the cockroachians decided to host a serious of tests using the GMAD to determine who could best defend Earth from alien onslaught.
Thousands of cockroachians entered, including a little boy named Mani.
Although Mani was young, his determination was strong, and he went to the recruiting station to apply.
“Many will enter. But only a few will be selected” started the President of the Cockroachians, “You are all very brave, and we will need your support for our nation in its time of need. Our enemies have already prepared their forces, smugly thinking they will win, but they will not! We will fight tooth and nail if we have to, deploy nuclear weapons if we have to, but whatever we do we shall eliminate our enemies as we are the one and only superior race in the entire universe! We shall prevail!”
The whole crowd that had gathered for the speech roared their approval and Mani found it difficult not to join the mob in their praises for Cockroachia. Attaching his GMAD, Mani hurried to the entrance of the testing arena. “May the fundamental forces of physics be with you brave volunteers” said the President with a smile and declared “Let the tests begin!” Taking a deep breath, Mani entered the testing arena, knowing he must pass the tests to serve his nation.

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