Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Areas-The Legend


Meh, I was bored so I decided to come up with a storyline for Areas.
In the future… There are no colors… There are no sounds… And most important of all…. THERE.. ARE… NO… CLICKS.
What is this?
This is Areas.
The land of our people is one of perpetual darkness, and we prefer it that way. But the seeds of revelution are being sowed as we speak.
Countless citizens, annoyed by the darkness and overall blandness of our people have banded together into a new threat, we call them… the Lights. (For lack of a better name _)
The conformists also banded together, we call them the Darks.
For centuries the Darks and Lights have fought until the Darks were exterminated, or so we thought…
Wandering the universe was a Dark hatchling, searching for the rest of his race.
As he wandered he pondered, was black considered a evil color?
Was white considered a evil color?
Who made up these connotations anyway?
What was his purpose?
Did he have one?
All of a sudden, a Light popped out of nowhere and started expanding. His futile attempts to run was met by another Light that expanded from the other side.
Enraged the Dark hatchling triggered a synapse he never knew he had and fired a bullet at the Light.
Suprised at the firing he tried firing again, and again, until he was firing so fast the Light was reduced to nothing.
He wondered why he had infinite ammo and the gun was permenantly attached to his skeletal structure but knew better than to question the so called “programmers” of his kind.
But what is that? A circle?
The hatchling, now almost fully grown, was sitting in the midst of a vast multi-ringed circle. He cautiously fired a few shots at it.
The shots were instantly absorbed into the circle and a new ring was created.
Excited, he continued to fire shots until the circle had many rings but in that second a Light popped up right next to him taking him offguard.
Then another came, and another, and all of sudden Lights were frantically popping up, there was no use now, the Lights have finally got him thought the hatchling sadly.
One of the Lights chuckled and said, “It’s time for your enlightenment, traitor.”
When it looked like hope was finally gone, the circle bursted beneath him creating a white wave of horror that extinguished all the Lights.
Staring at the remains of the Lights, the hatchling finally knew his purpose now. To shroud the world in eternal darkness once again…

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