Saturday, February 2, 2008

Egyptian Rat Screw

Ah, yes, Egyptian Rat Screw.
A popular game among school children this game actually has occult meanings.
We can surmise the meaning of this game from the name.
"Egyptian" obviously tells us this game predates our era by a long time.
"Rat Screw", this is very interesting...
I doubt that "screw" has anything to do with our contemporary definition of it, so I surmise
a "Ratscrew" was an ancient device used by the Egyptians to communicate.
My interest was now piqued, so I dug deeper and uncovered some startling information.
A "Ratscrew" similar to tarot reading in that Egyptians used this game to reveal fate.
That is the reason why face cards are more powerful than common cards in this game,
They represent the royal families in current rule and if a royal is placed after them it means their rein has ended.
"Doubles" are also used for divination purposes.
When a double is played a player slaps the pile and claims it signalling the end of a previous era from a mistake already made i.e. history repeats it self.
"Sandwiches" represent the old culture's assimilation into the new culture by being "sandwiched" between two cultural boundaries, once again ending the previous era.
"Jokers" represent unexpected occurences or divine intervention in the form of a disrupted era of time.
"Ratscrew" was obviously not very effective in predicting far into the future as it used 52 or 54 cards as opposed to a tarot deck with 78 cards so it was eventually abandoned for divination purposes before being rejuvenated by the incoming next generation who had no idea of it's original purpose.

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